The idea for Century Pictures was formed in response to a manic, predominately digitized glance that has overtaken the art-viewing experience. Presenting works or objects that often will span generations, the gallery aims to offer an alternative to the frenetic eye. While considering the historical as mooring to the dynamic movements of our future, we acknowledge a common thread; that many referents were conceived in radical experimentation.

Surveying our cultural past suggests that artistic experimentation is seldom fostered in exclusive neighborhoods, but is rather nurtured where artists themselves live, work, and exchange ideas. Curated, museum quality shows are an undeniable gift of the large galleries that will continue to inhabit Manhattan. Century Pictures proposes an alternative juncture–a space that compels visual and intellectual query between generational, compositional, or tangential precedents. This sets the stage for an open-ended exploration that is not confined to market-based definitions. Working collaboratively with renowned artists and designers, who are not represented by the gallery, our goal is to actively explore and test boundaries. The interest lies in starting a conversation, rather than having the final word.

Joining the energetic and diverse neighborhood of Bushwick, we welcome being part of an organic exchange, gleaning insight from our visitors, while offering a space to revel in the creative impulse as a persistent force.

Leo Koenig, Owner

Leo Koenig established his first gallery in 1999 when he was 21 years old. Within a few years, his gallery garnered the attention of colleagues, artists, curators and collectors. Leo Koenig Inc. initially became known for introducing a number of important European artists such as painter Jonathan Meese and the performance group Gelitin to a New York audience, while expanding the careers of American artists both in the U.S. and abroad. Koenig’s reputation grew by virtue of his insistence upon anchoring his exhibitions with museum quality publications, while assiduously linking new artists to a historical lineage. While Leo Koenig remains interested in developing artist careers at Koenig & Clinton, he focuses mainly on the secondary markets for contemporary art, where he is sought after as a congenial expert.

Elizabeth Balogh, Director

Elizabeth Balogh oversees all logistics, administration, research, and writing for Century Pictures. For 16 years, she has worked with Leo Koenig in various capacities. Previously, Balogh served as a director and curator for Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York City. A resident of both West and East Coasts, Balogh has worked at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The J. Paul Getty Museum, and was the director for the legendary (now defunct) American Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. A former professional musician, she studied music theory and vocal performance at California State University, Los Angeles.

Rob de Oude, Special Projects

Rob de Oude oversees exhibition installations on-site and off-site, coordinating the physical upkeep and handling of artworks. He implements quality assurance measures throughout the exhibiting, packing, shipping, and storage processes, maintaining up-to-date inventory and archival database records. Prior to joining the gallery de Oude worked extensively through out the New York art industry with experience in crating, packing, transport and installation, for galleries, institutions and private collections. He holds a BFA and MFA equivalent for Painting Sculpture and Art History from the Amsterdamse Hogeschool, Amsterdam, NL, and has shown his paintings in the US, Europe and Asia.

Jen Hitchings , Gallery Manager

Jen Hitchings supports the Owner and Director in the oversight of arts administration, research, and operations for the gallery. Previously, she served as the gallery manager of Pierogi in Brooklyn and Manhattan. In addition, Hitchings has assisted numerous artists and directed several artist-run galleries in New York. She holds a BFA from Purchase College, SUNY, a certificate in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Hunter College, and is a practicing artist and curator.

Kim Lindner, Gallery Assistant